Welcome to our full collection! 

All products below available for September 2023 delivery.

Koy Clothing - Inspired by Kenya

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Delivery in Kenya is temporarily unavailable until September 2023.

We are an "Inspired by Kenya" brand, but our main market is in the UK. Therefore, most of our designs are stocked in London.

Our full team are currently in London due to the high-demand period.

We want our Kenyan customers to be able to order from our full UK collection during the time we are away, and we will deliver your order when we are back in Kenya in September 2023.

So please take a look, enjoy, and get in touch via the contact details below to ask any questions or to place an order for September:

WhatsApp - +254114393767
Email - alastair@koyclothing.com 

Classic Blazers

Cream 100% Linen Blazer  

Navy Lightweight 100% Wool 


100% Linen Safari Jacket  

2-in-1 Ranch Coat


Safari Olive Cotton Shirt-Jacket  

Navy-Blue Linen Shirt-Jacket

Cream Cotton Shirt-Jacket

100% Linen Shirts

Mkali Turquoise 100% Linen Shirt

Crisp-White 100% Linen Shirt

Safari Khaki 100% Linen Shirt

Dusty Pink 100% Linen Shirt

Short-Sleeved 100% Linen Shirts 

Navy Short-Sleeved Linen Shirt

White Short-Sleeved Linen Shirt

Khaki Short-Sleeved Linen Shirt

Cotton-Linen Blend Shirts 

Lamu Mint-Blue Cotton-Linen Shirt

Anga Blue Cotton-Linen Shirt

Classic Oxford Cotton Shirts

Organic Cotton Mtoto Blue Oxford Shirt

Organic Cotton Lulu Pink Oxford Shirt

Organic Cotton Maji Blue Oxford Shirt

Fine-Needle Corduroy Shirts

Dark Navy Cord Shirt

Port Cord Shirt

Khaki Cord Shirt

Teal-Blue Cord Shirt

Polo Shirts

Charcoal Grey Short-Sleeved Polo Shirt

Navy-Blue Short-Sleeved Polo Shirt

Charcoal Grey Long-Sleeved Polo Shirt

Kabisa Kikoy Shirts

Teal-Blue Kabisa Kikoy Shirt

Maji Blue Kabisa Kikoy Shirt

Haraka Green Kabisa Kikoy Shirt

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or you would like to place an order with us, please get in contact with our Kenya representative 'Alastair Scott': 

  • Email - alastair@koyclothing.com
  • WhatsApp - +254 114393767